Founded in October 1998, Fiduciaire Montgomery is a continuation of the work of the private limited liability company (SPRL) R. de Changy & Associés, created in 1985 and the input of the respective client bases of Mr Thierry David and Mr Benoît Meurmans.

Despite having its headquarters in Brussels, Fiduciaire Montgomery expands its business to Louvain-la-Neuve in 2005, opening new offices there.

Mr Amaury de la Chevalerie and Mr Philippe Juckler join the association in 2010 and 2012 respectively.

In 2013 Fiduciaire Montgomery merges with the trust company OPR ,founded in 1981 by Mr Guy Ollieuz, who becomes a partner of Fiduciaire Montgomery OPR.

Finally, in 2017, Mr Anthony Fant also becomes a partner of Fiduciaire Montgomery – OPR. He is responsible for the new offices in Tournai.

In addition to the partners, all of whom are chartered accountants and tax advisers, the team is made up of approximately thirty employees who understand the importance of undergoing continuous training in order to meet clients’ needs and answer their questions in relation to tax, accounting, and procedures involving various administrations such as the Ministry of Finance, the VAT authorities, the National Bank of Belgium, the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises, the Belgian Official Gazette, and others.

In order to allow its clients to devote their energy and talent to developing their business, the team uses its experience to benefit small, medium-sized and large enterprises.


1985 Creation of SPRL R. Changy & Associés 

1998 Founding of Fiduciaire Montgomery Montgomery

2013 Merger with the trust company OPR

2017 Opening of an office in Tournai