As privileged advisers, we provide our clients with a specialised service for the duration of our assignment 

Our work involves supporting our clients as they start up their business, with their bookkeeping, taking care of taxation, and providing accounting and tax advice. In consultation with our clients, we offer personalised services adapted to their specific needs.   

As well as having the expertise to carry out any tax and accounting assignment, each partner specialises in particular areas of tax law and specific accounting assignments.

  • Starting up a business involves a series of choices that will have a significant impact on profitability. That’s why it’s important to obtain rational and quantitative advice.
  • Most self-employed people one day ask themselves if it wouldn’t be better to provide their services as a company, and when would be the right time to do so. We help you answer these questions and provide you with tax advice so that the proceeds from transferring your customer base don’t just sit in your company for want of cash, and actually generate substantial revenue. The same principle could be applied when selling shares to a holding company.
  • As a business developsthe question of real-estate acquisitionoften arises. It is therefore worth comparing different purchasing options, whether as a natural person, as a company or potentially in a different capacity. The subdivision of proprietary rights may sometimes prove to be a very advantageous solution from a tax and financial point of view (building rights, usufruct, long lease, etc.).
  • As business develops and laws change, the activities and wealth of the company and its director will need regular restructuring.
  • Business is becoming increasingly international, which is why we have correspondents abroad, specifically in France, Switzerland and Luxembourg.
  • The directoris very often a self-employed person with a very limited statutory pension. There are currently various options for setting up one or more generous non-statutory pensions associated with different insurance schemes that cover the risk of death, illness, disability and so on. We can help you make the right if not the best choice, on an entirely independent basis.
  • The day will inevitably come when you have to consider the transfer, valuation, sale, buyout or wind-up of business.This final business step requires preparation, consideration and advice.
  • Aware of the role played by IT in business management, FMG has a team of IT experts to provide made-to-measure solutions and continuously improve accounting services.